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To design the best truck mattress, we chose not one—but three—layers of temperature-stable Clini-Foam™. This is the same type of foam that hospitals use for patients with very sensitive skin issues. (You don’t want to know.)




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These are the features and benefits of our Revive+™ design:
  • Our temperature-stable Clini-Foam™ designed with air flow channels won’t boil you in your own juices.
  • The three Clini-Foam™ layers (three-zone technology) provide a full 8-inches of cushiony comfort. (With a mattress topper, you’ll add another 2 inches.)
  • A unique cut pattern on the top layer cushions pressure points like elbows and knees.
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What the Revive+™ Mattress Features Mean for You
  • A superior mattress. More importantly, a better night’s sleep for you (or the driver you love).
  • As a long-haul driver that means you’re more likely to wake up refreshed and alert to safely get back on the road.
  • If you love a truck driver, you’ll sleep easier knowing your loved one is resting on a Revive+™ Kogler mattress.